While you are eagerly waiting for the Hay House World Summit to begin, we have additional FREE resources you can use to continue on your path.


Hay House NOW iPad App – FREE

The official Hay House NOW app gives you instant access to motivational lectures, courses, video and audio from best-selling authors such as Louise L. Hay, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Doreen Virtue and more. Find inspiring material quickly on your iPad! This app will be available soon for Android and iPhone.


Hay House Radio App – FREE

Hay House Radio provides inspirational 24/7 all-talk radio on mind, body and health topics. Over 25 hours of live, call-in radio are available each week. Tune in daily for fresh, uplifting programs from some of your favorite authors and programs.


Hay House Sampler Card App – FREE

The Hay House Sampler card app is an easy way to experience a wide variety of apps from your favorite Hay House authors — for free! The app is comprised of sample uplifting cards created by inspirational authors and artists. Feel free to browse through the sample cards and find images and/or messages that resonate with you. A wide variety of subjects are touched upon that range from The Law of Attraction, positive affirmations, health &  fitness, financial advice, to ways on even improving your golf game.


Daily Affirmations

Visit for daily affirmations and words of wisdom from authors like Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, and the affirmation-master herself, Louise Hay! Wake up and start your day with a positive affirmation, or wind down and conclude a busy day with powerful, centering words.


Daily Meditations

Find serenity, inner peace and transformational healing through daily meditations by Hay House authors. Each day, a new meditation is presented – read on a daily basis, or check in when you need a boost of empowerment and inspiration.


Author Blog Posts and Articles

Be inspired by almost 400 of your favorite authors, celebrities, scholars, teachers and experts covering a variety of topics to help you in your life journey—including affirmations, angels, astrology, alternative medicine, chakras, crystals, diet, fengshui, fitness, happiness, healing, health, intuition, Law of Attraction, life purpose, meditation, miracles, money, numerology, personal growth, success and so much more!


Live Online Events

Listen and learn with Hay House Live Online Events! Our Online Events cover a wide range of topics and teach practical skills to apply in your personal and/or professional life. These events are also available and obtainable on every budget – many events are free to enjoy!


Hay House E-newsletters

Stay in touch with your favorite authors so you know when they’re in town, or just read their words of wisdom and inspiration and learn what’s going on in their lives. E-newsletters are an easy way to learn about tours and online events and receive great discounts and exclusive offers on all types of products. Hay House E-newsletters focus on a variety of topics, including different types of products, themes, and authors, so find the one that sparks your interest and sign up!