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Starts May 7, 2016

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    Life-changing lessons, guidance and support await you. All you have to do is say yes to living the life you desire and all the rest will unfold naturally and easily. The hardest part about making a positive change in your life is in making the commitment to yourself to change. Engaging with these lessons, you’ll have all you need to finally create new, healthy habits for leading a purposeful and meaningful life! It really is that simple.

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      Join the conversation in our Global Facebook Community, a spiritual community you can tap into anytime for what you need to stay on track. Here’s what some of our members have said about the World Summit.

      One of my greatest adventures begun by signing in to HHWS 14. I couldn’t have guessed to where all those wonderfully interesting lectures, workshops and movies brought me: Back to my inner light and intuition. To who I truly am. And to finally deeply loving myself.

      Sonja Hitz (Zurich, Switzerland)

      WOW, what a wake-up call! The teachers touched me in different ways. Insights, revelations, chills, painstaking soul digging, and not to forget–good laughs!

      Muriel Soriano (France)

      The Summit last year was like being at the greatest buffet table in the world! A real nourishment for body mind and soul. I’ve told everyone I meet that they must be a part of this year’s summit!

      Noah Zingarelli (Boston, MA)

      In 2009, at 20 years old, I suffered a debilitating back injury. I was completely disabled: unable to walk on my own, shower on my own, or even turn over in bed. I decided to investigate alternative treatments and, thankfully, I discovered Hay House World Summit. For the first time in five years, I have been able to drive to doctor appointments, walk around the grocery store, enjoy a day at the movie theater, run... Read More errands, exercise on my own, and even return to my pre-med college classes! The Hay House World Summit offers inspiring conversations in an online format to easily learn about innovative methods for healing in the comfort of your own home. Being able to download and listen to each lecture again has proven invaluable to my healing journey. I send my sincerest appreciation to the Hay House World Summit family for introducing me to tools I needed to heal my life. I am sending love and light to each one of you! Show Less

      Sara Mata (Tempe, AZ)

      The Hay House World Summit is the definition of manifestation and offers the opportunity to listen to great speakers at a time in my life, due to health and distance, I thought impossible. The Summit package has meant I can appreciate and hear “new” gems of wisdom each time I listen to the interviews. Thank you Louise Hay and your team for continuing to bring together luminaries to educate and enlighten.

      Suzanne Newnham ( Moruya, Australia)

      In mid-May, a friend of mine shared a link to this guy called Wayne Dyer, which caught my interest. I hadn’t heard of him before, but I was deeply touched by the things he said. I quickly found out that “this guy” was one of the most influential people in this wonderful world of personal growth and empowerment! Through him, I found Hay House, and when they announced the world summit - I didn’t need much thought... Read More upon signing up! Slowly, I began to understand why all these challenges had come to me. If I hadn’t had the monotone work, I wouldn’t have had the chance to listen to all the inspirational teachers throughout the day! Slowly, I began to understand that my thoughts created my reality. As Abraham says through Esther Hicks – because I wasn’t on my high flying disc, I attracted the bad situation I was in, and had felt victimized in. From then on - the fog started to clear. And WOW, what a wake-up call! The teachers touched me in different ways. Insights, revelations, chills, painstaking soul digging, and not to forget - good laughs! I am SO thankful for every experience and every person that has led me to this point. Thank you Hay House, all your wonderful teachers, my new friends, I’m sending you so much love. I have found my joy! Show Less

      Merete Back (Mannsverk, Norway)

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