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Change Your Life
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All Bonus Gifts $3,365
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Change Your Life
Digital Downloads
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All Bonus Gifts $1,865
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All you need to heal, empower, thrive and manifest your best!
Create a life to feel good, live fully and stay connected.

100 audio lessons

Intimate conversations and
powerful lessons from over 100+
leading wellness experts.

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The latest tips and techniques
to inspire confidence and clarity.

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Meditations & Exercises

Meditations and exercises
to create shifts from the inside out.

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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Exclusive Online Video Course
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People Like You Love World Summit.

One of my greatest adventures begun by signing in to HHWS 14. I couldn’t have guessed to where all those wonderfully interesting lectures, workshops and movies brought me: Back to my inner light and intuition. To who I truly am. And to finally deeply loving myself.

Sonja Hitz (Zurich, Switzerland)

WOW, what a wake-up call! The teachers touched me in different ways. Insights, revelations, chills, painstaking soul digging, and not to forget–good laughs!

Muriel Soriano (France)

The Summit last year was like being at the greatest buffet table in the world! A real nourishment for body mind and soul. I’ve told everyone I meet that they must be a part of this year’s summit!

Noah Zingarelli (Boston, MA)

It’s Not Just about Your Physical Body.

We often think of health and well-being only in terms of physical exercise and eating habits,
but emotional support and wellness are just as important, if not more so.
If you aren’t feeling content, satisfied, valued, needed, etc., these feelings often tend to slip over into other areas of your life, like physical health, finances, and relationships.
We want you to experience a life that is not only physically healthy, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually well-balanced.

We know that with the right information and regular guided practice, you can improve how you feel and ultimately, how you live your life. In fact, by incorporating a few new behaviors, you will feel happier, lighter, and more able to attain great health in body, spirit and mind. The only question is…

Get the inspiration, motivation and expert guidance you need when you need it most.

This is your time, your moment in life, so take action now on changing your thoughts, beliefs and habits while letting go of all that holds you back from living life to the fullest.

Become the person you were destined to be!
All it takes is a little bit of drive and a whole lot of repetition!
That’s what makes the Hay House World Summit so much better than all the rest! When you make the decision to own one of the World Summit Packages,
you have access to all of this rich, expert content, plus worksheets to help you stay on track, AND amazing bonuses that will keep you motivated and inspired throughout your journey!

You have all the power to change, to grow and to discover how truly amazing you are! That’s what this year’s Hay House World Summit is all about.

Wouldn't you love to know how to:
  • Really love and accept yourself
  • Use your intuition in making difficult decisions
  • Tap into your infinite creative potential
  • Eliminate foods that are causing unnecessary pain in your body
  • Develop healthy eating habits to increase energy and vitality
  • Use the power of meditation and learn how to make it a part of your daily life
  • Heal from traumatic events, including loss of a loved one and divorce
  • Experience the connection between mind and body and apply this knowledge to help you in all areas of your life

The World Summit has all you need to Heal Your Body, Boost Your Health and Develop the Tools to Manifest Your Best Life.

You can live more fully and vibrantly than ever before.
And it’s all in one place for you to access anytime you need!

Digital Download
100 Digital Audio Lessons
  • 100 PDF Transcripts
  • Worksheets


Retail Value including All Bonus Gifts $1,865

Ultimate CD Library
100 CDs in a Portable Album
  • 100 Digital Audio Lessons
  • 100 PDF Transcripts
  • Worksheets
  • FREE Shipping


Retail Value including All Bonus Gifts $3,365

Also receive these Bonus Items
  • Wisdom Community Platinum Membership
  • Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Exclusive Online Video Course: Finding Your True Life's Purpose

Retail Value including All Bonus Gifts up to $3,365

Overwhelmed by all the health and wellness information? And you’ve given up on trying any of it?

We know how you feel and this is exactly why we created the most empowering and action oriented lessons that provide solutions to issues you have right now!

To make new, healthy behaviors lifelong habits, all you need is a firm commitment and powerful lessons you can access again and again–so they stick! We’ve got the powerful lessons covered! So, what’s keeping you from living your best life?

Can you relate to any of these?
  • Desire to make a change, but don’t know where to start?
  • Want to pursue your life purpose more fully, but you struggle with self-doubt?
  • Yearn to feel a greater connection with others?
  • Long to have the confidence to make a career or job change?
  • Desire to maintain a healthy weight, but you keep falling back on old habits?
  • Want to be more motivated and inspired so you can reach your goals?
  • Wish for more energy and less stress?
  • Need to meditate but you don’t know how?
  • Want to love and empower yourself but you are stuck in negative self-talk?
  • Wish you could move past a difficult event, like a death or divorce?
  • Desire to jump-start new thinking for more creative solutions?

Answered yes to any of the above? Our life-changing experts are here to help.

If you answered yes to any of the above, we want you to know our experts address these issues directly with sage advice and practical tips for change.

If you’re really ready to feel your best, get in touch with your inner guidance system and make room for all the love and prosperity to flood into your life, order your Change Your Life Package today!

We know you can do it and we know this expert knowledge can help you get there! You deserve to be loved, to pursue your purpose, to feel your best, and to enjoy all the great things in life!

We Are Here to Help You.

Each of our packages has added bonus materials designed to assist you in making the changes you most want in your life right now.

Find out what you really want and gain the answers you need to reach your unique goals. Maybe you are just starting out on your self-development journey, or maybe you are feeling stuck right now – these special bonus gifts were selected just for you! Just a click away when you need a dose of daily inspiration, motivation, wisdom and guidance. All of these bonus items are available for immediate download and you can keep them forever.

Digital Download


Retail Value including All Bonus Gifts $1,865

Ultimate CD Library


Retail Value including All Bonus Gifts $3,365