Hay House World Summit Schedule

Series 1 May 9-13
A Prayer for Our Age
Awakening the Oracle Within: How to Powerfully and Creatively Navigate Your Destiny
Befriend Your Symptoms: A Path to Radical Health and Happiness
Beyond the Kale: Why Self-Care Includes Embracing Fear, Taking Risks, and Accepting Oneself
Building Bridges to Past Lives
Celebrate the Divinity Within!
Creating Miracles in Your Own Life
Facts and Fiction of the Spirit World
Finding Happiness and Stepping Into Your Power
God Today
How to Become Unstoppable
Information to Transformation
Leaps of Faith: Trusting the Universe and Allowing Divine Will
Living a Miraculous Life
Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It—Because It Does!
Sensitive Child, Psychic Child
Tapping Away Fear
The Evolution of the Law of Attraction
The Motivation Renaissance
The New Biology: Thriving in a Chaotic World
The Peace Process
The Power of Soul Shifts: Creating a Life of Authentic Awakening, Emotional Freedom, and Practical Spirituality
The Shift
The Soul: Understanding Its Journey and Lessons
The Tapping Solution
Untold Health Secrets Revealed: Adapt and Heal with the Medical Medium
Your Relationship with Your Money Begins with Your Relationship with Yourself
Series 2 May 14-18
Becoming Aware: Making Your Life Your Life's Work
Building Self-Confidence from Within
Creative and Successful Business Practices for the Modern Entrepreneur
Discover Your Highest Chakras with Energy Healing
Eating in Sync with the Earth
Faith Can Save Your Life
Gut Smart! Learn to Use the Power of Your Micro Biome to Create Better Health and Permanent Weight Loss
How a Herd of Goats Saved My Husband's Life
How to Be “Awesomer”: Your Infinite Creative Potential
How to Gain Clarity by Using Your Three Intuitive Brains
I Want to Love Myself but I Don't Know How
Life's Great Lessons
Make a Life, Not Just a Living
Personalized Nutrition for Healing
Reboot Your Brain
Saying "F**k It" to What's Holding You Back
Suffering Is Optional
Ten Ways to Lose Weight and Create Your Best Body
The F-word: Forgiveness
The Formula for Success and Well-being
The Healing Power of Raw Foods
The Power of a Pilgrimage: Finding Forgiveness and Freedom in a Brand-New Way
The Power of Presence
The Power of Understanding: Winning the Battle Between Your Head and Your Heart
The Shadow Effect
Three Foods That Can Change Your Life
You Can Heal Your Life Movie
Series 3 May 19-23
An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Bring Your Whole Self to Work: How to Be More Authentic, Appreciative, and Compassionate
Calming the Mind: How to Find Peace amid Turmoil
Co-creating at It Best
Connecting to Your Inner-Net
Diets Don't Work: Tap Your Way to Better Health and a Leaner Body
Discover Your Inner Design! The Ancient Wisdom of Face and Birthdate Reading
DIY Health: Why Thoughts and Food Are the Ultimate Diet
Fail Fast: Break Through the Fear of Failure
Finding the Divine Buzz: Why Joy Is Your GPS
Finding True Health Through Compassionate Living
Health, Healing, and the Map of Consciousness
How to Heal Your Pet
How to Truly Know That Life Loves You
How to Use Lucid Dreaming for Insight, Health, and Compassion
Lessons in Grief, Codependency, and Conscious Gratitude
Live Your Purpose Through Past Life Regression
Make Peace with Your Plate
Painting the Future: Tales of Everyday Magic
Share Your Message with the World: How to Find Your Unique Voice and Follow Your Dreams
Spiritual Pragmatism and the Value-Driven Life
Ten Steps to Ascension with the Archangels
Ten Steps Toward Your New Life
The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now
The Power of Prayer to Change the World—and You
The Secret to Communicating with the Most Difficult Personalities in Your Life
Unleash the Master Influencer in You
Series 4 May 24-28
30 Practical Tips to Transform Your Health
Achieving Presence Through Movement
Attention: The Currency of Care
Becoming Beloved: The Teachings of Mary Magdalene and How to Marry Your Own Soul
Beyond Age: Ten Steps for Looking and Feeling Younger Every Year
Break Free of Hidden Toxins in Your Food and Take Back Your Health
Come Out of Your Spiritual Closet and Discover Your Soul's Calling
Getting Real about Your Life, Your Choices, and Creating What You Really Want
Heal Your Fears and Supercharge Your Goals Through Hypnosis
How Food and the Microbiome “Talk” to Our Genes to Keep Us Well
I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love
Identify Your Purpose, Understand Your Path, and Create the Reality You Want
In Your Element: Finding Your Natural Place in Life
Living the Agreements
Magic Hand of Chance
More Than Enough: From Scarcity to Abundance
My Greatest Teacher: Tales of Everyday Magic
Redefining “Turn-On”: The Antidote to the Crisis of Confidence among Women
Shifting the Balance: A Mindful Way to Be an Agent of Change
Tap into the Universal Database to Manifest Your Deepest Desires
The Art of Extreme Self-Care
The Healing Power of Past Lives
The Optimum Diet for Humans: Why a High-Carbohydrate, Plant-Based Diet Has Been and Always Will Be Best
The Sound of Your Name as a Map for Your Soul
The Transformative Dreaming of the Toltec Tradition
The Ultimate Shift: Coding Your Happiness and Success
Your Highly Intuitive Powers and How to Make the Most of Them

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